Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper Heart - a Tribute

A one page screenplay I wrote in honor of my older brother Stephen who is currently serving in the US armed forces. Happy Memorial Day One and All!


KATIE,(17) bundled up against the cold has her head buried in a book sitting at the edge of the sidewalk.

She taps her right shoe in time to an unheard tune. 

The foot suddenly stops.

Katie's eyes appear above the book. 

Another girl stands in front of her. MJ (18). Katie smiles up at her friend. MJ doesn't smile back. She looks like she's been kicked straight in the gut. Katie's face falls. MJ hands over a note.

Katie lets the book slide into her lap and she takes the note.


We are very sorry to inform you that Staff Sgt. Stephen Eastin has been injured in the line of duty.


Katie's hand reaches out for MJ's but she shrugs it off and flops down next to her friend on the sidewalk curb.

MJ leans over and rests her head on her Katie's shoulder. She's fighting back tears.

Katie stares at the letter and then quietly takes it in two hands and starts folding it into intricate forms. 

MJ glances over and pulls herself up off Katie's shoulder.

Katie finishes folding and hands the paper back to MJ. 

MJ holds it up to the fading sunlight. Its shaped like a heart.

A weak smile slips onto her face. She and Katie share a knowing look and then embrace in a hug. MJ digs a pen out of her jacket and scribbles something on its exterior.

Katie pulls herself to her feet and offers MJ her hand. MJ takes it.


A pair of manly hands opens a sealed envelope. The paper heart slides out. On its surface it reads "I love you."


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