Friday, July 8, 2011

In which i write stuff about filmmaking at 2 in the morning.

Bit of a micro blog or sorts to get off my chest and off my mind but hopefully its sentiments will ring true with my fellow filmmakers. 

Some people sell insurance, others are florists, run ice cream businesses or raise families. I make movies. Its what I do. I literally cannot see myself doing anything else, or even half as well and with that amount of passion. I just came off a teaser trailer shoot yesterday and I'm on still on this high. My brain won't function properly, it keeps rehashing, learning from what I did right and what i could do better and most of all, i feel amped up, itching to get back on set again. This sense of longing, returning to the hustle and bustle, the constant intake, processing ,and bringing of ideas to life in the form of collaboration between mind, camera, and actor. There is seriously nothing like filmmaking. I brought on half a dozen extras who has never stepped foot onto a film set before. Noted we were shooting gureilla but they just went with the flow with these fantastic grins on their faces. They got bossed around, drank pop and ate crafty, played fake chess, watched other total strangers make out for the camera, run around in a crowd with a girl who looked like she just got the crap beaten out of her and you know what they said? That it was pretty much the coolest experience they had had in a long time and they couldn't wait to do it again. 

I tell ya, its like a frakking drug. Once you're hooked you just can't let go. To bring those many different types of people together, with all their imput, perspective, and creative ability that they willingly infuse into a project happens rarely and when it does it tops the certfied "Made of Awesome" list.  I'm gushing I know but I'm hoping my brain will let me sleep once I get this all out. 

So many people have asked why I've taken on a feature length film. Deep down it might be for an extremely selfish reason but basically I want to work on a story i love and care about and so does everyone else whose a part of the team and get to work on that story with those characters and those awesome peeps as long as I possibly can.  The world needs the florists, the homemakers, the insurance sales reps, and the world needs filmmaking. I know I do. 

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  1. It really was oodles of fun, and I want to do it again asap:) And please don't ever be a florist or an insurance sales rep-you are clearly on this planet to be a filmmaker YO