Friday, April 29, 2011

Here we are!

Hey Guys, as you might know this is the official Backer only blog for my trip to Seattle Washington in June to attend the West Coast premiere of THE SAVING. By now all your digital copies of the film should be sitting in your inbox waiting for you to enjoy. If so and you've gotten the time to view it, any thoughts you'd like to share?

I wanted to give you guys the secret heads up that I'm actually planning on revealing the target set dates to shoot the feature length version of THE SAVING, whose crewing, whose leading the acting helm and how and the world we plan on making this 90+ minute film on a microbudget. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone :P

But anyhow, I'm actually off to Atlanta Georgia tomorrow for another screening of the film at the Lovett School HS Film Festival. I'll be posting exclusive pics and video from our three hour road trip down. It'll be myself, the female lead of THE SAVING, Stephanie Ibbotston, favorite PA and BFF Katie Payne and our costume designer and all around freaking brilliant person Apryl Mitchell-Snyder. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you guys! Thanks again for all your support and keep spreading the word. We still got a lot of ground to cover if I'm going to be able to pimp out you guys with some freaking awesome swag.

Until later go forth and make films!

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